Nexus Portrait -You define reality


  1. Download Nexus Portrait (0.9 MB).Nexus Portrait includes free samples from the Kim Jin Collection.
  2. After downloading, double-click on NexusPic.exe. Install it in your NexusTK directory. It installs automatically. A program and help icon appears in your Start Menu and on your Desktop.


Your own image

  1. Make a *.bmp or *.pcx file. Almost any paint application can save as *.bmp. Save at 16-bit or 256 colors.

Do complicated editing in a painting program. The final image is 48 pixels wide by 56 pixels tall. The TK palette colors may not match the exact colors you are using. Palette files TKpalette.pal and TKpalette.act can be found in the Portrait directory after installing Nexus Portrait.

    Tip: There are several good painting programs, some of which are shareware and can be downloaded from the net. Check an online shareware site. One, such as PaintShop Pro, may support this palette file format. For further assistance refer to the manual accompanying your painting program.

  1. Double-click Nexus Portrait icon.
  2. Click Import

Select the portion of the image you want to use. The colors will be converted automatically to the TK palette.

    Tip: If the colors are very different, play with the hue and saturation in your paint program to find the colors that look best in TK.


Kim Jin Collection (Preview Click here)Kim Jin Collection

  1. Double-click on the Nexus Portrait icon on your desktop.
  2. Click Import
  3. Move to the installed directory, and enter the Portraits subdirectory. Double-click on any of the image files.
  4. Visit or NextAeon News regularly to find new portraits. NextAeon News can be sent to you as an HTML e-mail, click here


Editing and Saving

  1. Double-click on the color display beside the x,y position for complete TK color palette.
  2. Tip: Use little or no twinkling colors for a great portrait.

  3. Click Save when you are done. This converts the file to TK's image format, *.epf.
  4. You can only save your file name as face.epf
  5. If you are working on another portrait, rename the first portrait file so that you do not accidentally overwrite your work.
  6. Copy your face.epf to that character's folder

    C:\Program Files\Nexon\NextAeon\CharacterName

    The name must be face.epf or the portrait will not appear in the Nexus.

    That's it! Every TK character has his or her own portrait. Make sure you have downloaded NexusTK, and enter The Kingdom of the Winds.



  1. Click on yourself or another character.
  2. Press PageDown. In a few seconds you will see the portrait.
  3. When someone clicks on you, they will see your portrait!

    Tip: You'll get the most out of TK by making a portrait that expresses your character's personality within the mythic Asian theme.


Obscene, abusive, or commercial portraits are strictly prohibited by Nexus License and Service Terms Agreement.

Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds
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